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Our names are Csilla and Mike Ketteringham, and we started to breed Labrador retrievers in 2012. We breed purely as a hobby as we love Labrador Retrievers as a breed…

Roksan Labradors – Jokutya Kennel:
Our names are Mike and Csilla Ketteringham, and We started to breed Labrador Retrievers 5 years ago.
We breed purely as a hobby, and to help people to be able to have well bred wonderful gun-dogs, show dogs, guide dogs for future generations.
The welfare of our dogs is paramount of importance to us. We raise and keep all our puppies in our home, not in kennels outside. They are handled on a daily bases, get used to noises and cats.

We have a wonderful
golden Labrador girl Lucky who has show and working blood line in her pedigree and lots of champions. 
Our love of Labradors started about 6 years ago, when Our old boy Casper has died. He was an English Springer Spaniel and it was very difficult to deal with his death. Hence we did not want to have a same breed as the new puppy would have always remind us to Casper.
We started our search for a new bread. Trust me it was not easy. I bred Siberian Huskies in Hungary some 25 years ago so my natural choice was that breed however Mike said no. Not because he didn’t like their gorgeous appearance but because they are a bit stubborn and I could not argue with that.
After a long research about 50+ different dog breed we agreed to have a Labrador Retriever. We bought our first Labrador Rocky.
We could not decide any better. We love this breed and their wonderful nature. After a year we decided to have a little girl as well. We bought Sandy. She is a real beauty and we love her to bits.

We started to train her as a gun-dog and all our training has been filmed. These videos are on our YouTube channel and you can find them on the Gun Dog Training page.
After a few years and 4 litters Sandy retired from breading and we kept Lucky from our last litter. She is a real beauty and wonderful in nature as well.
The truth is all our new owners said that our puppies have wonderful nature as they’re growing up. We wanted to experience this in first hand by keeping one of our own puppy. This was the best decision we could ever made. She really is wonderful in every level. We could not wish a better puppy. I would never imagine that the first 8 weeks can determinate a dogs life that much. I believe our puppies are so loveable because we give them so much love from birth. We deal with them every day, treat them with love and they get the best possible start in life. As an extra benefit you can follow them how they grow through our Facebook page as I post photos/videos on a daily bases.
Please let us know if you have any queries.

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  1. Jackie and Mick

    We bought two labrador puppies who are now six months old. They are both a pleasure to own and of perfect nature. The help and advice given at time of purchase and also the months to follow was well received. Thank you!.
    – Jackie and Mick –

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