Thursday , 23 May 2019
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Some photos of the litter

Some photos of the litter

I just can’t help myself to take photos and videos about the puppies, they are just so cute 🙂

This is the paws of the Brown coloured boy, just too cute, like a little bear 🙂

This is Purple collared girl. We have 4 girls and one boy. The boy is the biggest and it seems he will be very chunky like his dad.

Above is White collared girl, also very big and chunky like Purple.

Above is Pinkey, another girl who is little smaller than the others but still so cute 🙂

Above is Yellow collared girl, who is the smallest one but eating very well and also doubled her birth weight. Very cute little darling 🙂

All are for sale but you 3 of them already have serious interest so if you are thinking to give home to one of our little darling please let us know as soon as possible.

Viewings will be on/after 30th June 2018. All morning appointment booked so after 2pm you may book.

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